Anonymous asked: you're just a whiny bitch taking that guy's words out of context to make him look bad when anyone with a brain can tell he said multiple times that he doesn't think rape is okay

You may consider me a bitch, but I’m not whiny and I do have a brain. The words I used in that photoset may have been “taken out of context” but anyone familiar with the issue, or anyone who clicks on the link I provided in my post, will understand that the context in which these things were said is a collection of “seduction” advice for people who have difficulty approaching women. The words are almost entirely direct quotes (some have been truncated for space reasons or paraphrased to avoid redundancy) so if you think those words make Ken Hoinsky look bad, maybe you need to step back and examine why that is. Maybe you think those words make him look bad because you think it’s bad to advise pushing past someone’s boundaries instead of advocating for enthusiastic consent. If that’s how you feel, then you’re a decent human being! And you and I are on the same side.

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  1. capefear said: trust, no one’s “making” that guy look bad, even within context he makes himself look bad
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